Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's Official - the web site has been purchased

This week I purchased the domain name though I haven't had time to even begin to construct the site. I've been busy preparing for vacation and finishing some knitting projects. I finished a couple of scarves, one for the SFTH project, and one for a gift.

We've survived the first leg of our vacation, it was only a couple hundred miles so it was pretty easy. I worked on my toe up, Crazy Toes & Heels socks during the drive, and just finished the increases for the toes. Yea! Now it's straight knitting until I get to the gussets.

Tomorrow morning we head for the big D . . . Disneyland! It has always been my hubby's "escape". I tease him that if he ever grows up I'll divorce him, but not much chance of that happening thank goodness.

Our poor cat, Max, hid in the closet in the computer room when we were packing the car this morning. I think she knows when we're leaving for a while. It's the dreaded suitcases! They give us away every time.

She'll be lonely this week while we're gone. My sil will go feed them (the older cat could care less if we're gone) and make sure they're ok, but she won't be there full time.

I'm not sure how much I'll have computer access, but we do tonight, so thought I'd check in just in case we don't have it the rest of the trip.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Scarves From The Heart Official Logo

Thanks to the time and talent of Tanya at Artefact Design, and her sister Jeanne, a wonderful friend who has knit several scarves for the project, who asked Tanya to submit a design, Scarves from the Heart has a wonderful new logo.

Next up will be the website with any luck at all. I need to get the "Swing" font so if anyone out there has it and never uses it, feel free to contact me. I'd like to use it on the website.

The storage tub is chock full of scarves, but I'd like to hit that magical number 50 before I deliver them. So if you've knitted some and just haven't mailed them yet, now is as good a time as any to put them in the mail. If you've lost my address, please contact me!

On my needles, a button hole bag of Manos which I'll felt, and a couple of scarves. Now, back to knitting that bag which is going very quickly.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Finished object and a new idea

I've finally got one finished object, the reversible cabled scarf from "Cables Untangled" is done! It was kind of tedious work, but I love the finished product, and I hope one of the cancer patients will love it just as much. It's truly unisex so it is appropriate for either a man or woman.

I'm still working on the multi-directional scarf in Reynolds Fusion in blues. It's about 2/3 done and is gorgeous! Also on my needles is a drop stitch scarf, but it's a drop stitch with a twist. You'll have to wait for the pattern to find out the twist! The pattern will be here on my blog when the scarf is complete so that I can show it.

Our family is growing by one this year. My youngest son and his significant other are expecting in mid-October. They're very happy about it, and so are we.

Both daughters who live in Bakersfield will be graduating from college in June, one with her masters degree the other with her bachelors.

Youngest daughter, the one in Austin, TX is changing job fields in the near future if all goes as plans. She said "I think it's time I decided what I want to be when I grow up" - she's in her 30's so she's probably right. She is very talented and has the ability to do a lot of things, so it will be exciting to see what path she pursues.

Oldest daughter, in Plano, TX continues to battle cancer, this time in her right lung. She feels well, but the tests reveal more than her physical health.

Youngest and middle son's are doing well and living less eventful lives than the rest for the moment at least.

My sister, Pam, continues to fight cancer also. I won't go into detail, but would appreciate prayers and good thoughts for both her and my daughter.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

And time marched on

After dealing with the computer problems it seems to have just been one thing after another but I've finally made time to get back here and check in.

There is good news with "Scarves from the Heart" . . . Jeanne S. asked her sister who is a graphic artist to design a logo for the project and she graciously has done so. It isn't quite to the "final" design, but it's close, very close.

I've been finding very little knitting time but I am just over half done with a multi-directional scarf of Reynolds Fusion in a variegated blue. I'm also still working on the reversible cabled scarf which is about 90% complete. Both scarves will go to Scarves from the Heart. There will be enough for another donation soon!

Next up, socks in the Crazy Toes And Heels method! I'm going to start with one of my less expensive yarns for the first pair. Partially because I don't want to destroy the nicer yarns but also because it's a color that will be easy on the eyes. I ordered needles from knitpicks and they finally arrived, along with the electronic counter, wood cable needles, and another set of Options interchangeables. Sorry for the lack of links here for these things, but I'm on the laptop and not very good at html even on the desktop.

The weather here is beautiful, much like the days in early summer. Sunday it was 84, and slightly cooler since but it's supposed to warm gradually. I love Spring, so I'm a happy camper.