Friday, August 28, 2009

Losing a Friend

Monday, August 24th brought the call I dreaded, but knew to be inevitable. Our dear friend and neighbor Bernice was called home to her holy reward. Those of us left behind mourn her passing more than my words can possibly convey. Among the many things I'll miss about her are her smiling face and cheerful greetings.

To keep my hands busy during the difficult days while Bernice fought to live I've been crocheting this car seat blanket for our soon to be born granddaughter. This blanket is done in half double crochet, and after doing what seemed like tens of thousands of them my determination won out! The pattern is available free on the Bernat web site. I did change the edging to make the blanket a bit more girly. I'll make the pattern again, but the next time it will be knit and I'll narrow the leg portion as the excess makes the blanket quite heavy.

Also on my needles is a pair of socks, the Mermaid socks by Lucy Neatby. I am putting my own twist on them by knitting them toe up, and so far they seem to be coming out well. The yarn is Knit Picks Filici in Martinique. I'm disappointed to find there are very few sock yarns available that have distinct stripes without a jacquard look. If you know of a yarn that will compliment this pattern well please email me. I have some Luna Park yarn from Ornaghi Filati that may stripe enough to work but not sure until I try it. I may resort to several solid colors of yarn to get the look I want. I've also contacted Lisa Souza about dyeing yarn for me as I have no interest in trying it myself.
Today is a milestone in our family as my youngest son and a friend opened their own luxury tattoo shop in Colorado Springs, Co. The name of the shop is "To The Grave Luxury Tattoo". They have a web site in the works but it isn't ready yet.
Our youngest daughter has arrived safely in Colorado Springs where she will be living. Never one to shy from adventure, she drove a rental truck towing a trailer with her car on it, her St. Bernard keeping her company all the way. Only one small blip along the way, and that was a blow out of two tires, one precipitating the other causing a delay of several hours as the repair person brought only one tire, and decided to take the wheels with him, mount the tires at the shop and bring them back. It's not her first experience with rental trucks and towing a trailer, she did it on her last move also.
I'm off to treat my cold symptoms . . . passed from hubby to me with love!


At 2:54 PM, Blogger Sandy said...

I understand keeping ones hand's busy, did the same when my Mother was dying. I'm sorry to hear about your friend and will keep you in my thoughts. It is never easy.

Love the car seat, but like you really hate doing hdc.

Each day gets a little easy, remember the good times you shared.


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