Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good News! And More Good News!

Today was super exciting for me . . . We have now begun delivering scarves to a second cancer center. When I called the Sister Mary Pia Cancer center to make arrangements to deliver scarves they asked me to share them with another treatment center, the Stockton Hematology Oncology center. At both centers they were thrilled that we had 80+ scarves to divide between the two centers. This was our first delivery to the Stockton Hematology Oncology center and they were very receptive and gracious. While we were there stocking the shelves two patients chose scarves for themselves. Another patient told us thank you and how grateful they are for the scarves. It just makes my heart sing! Ususally we don't get contact with the patients, but at SHO we deliver to the very area where patients are receiving chemo and I have to tell you that putting a face on these patients really rips at your heart, but at the same time makes me want to knit all the faster to add other centers to our list of recipients and assure the success of "Scarves From The Heart"! It makes me impatient to get our web site up and running.

Thank you to all of my friends who make this possible. I especially want to thank Dorey and Margo Lynn who each sent many scarves made by themselves, family and friends. Without you and the many others who knit and crochet these scarves there would be no Scarves From The Heart!

Last Thursday evening I had the opportunity to speak to a knitting group at our LYS. In addition to telling them about Scarves From The Heart, I provided them with a written piece about the project and also a pattern I wrote. In exchange the group will knit scarves for Scarves From The Heart! I feel like the smile has been on my face long enough they may have to peel it off with a putty knife!

The More good news is that the expected grandbaby is a girl! She is due in mid-October so I have lots of time to knit for her. I'm so excited to know I can knit girly things! There are so many adorable little girl patterns available. As for my current knitting, I've got one scarf on the needles that is about 2/3 done, and another that I just started.

And now I'm off to work on those scarves, or should I cast on for that baby blanket?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Too long away

There isn't a good reason for such a long absence, but there are several reasons. I held off posting in hopes that I could post that the "Scarves From The Heart" web site was up, but several things have delayed it.

There should have also been another scarf donation made, but a busy life, fibro flares and procrastination have all gotten in the way of that. There is a full 80 scarves sitting here waiting for me to have a day when I both feel good enough and have the time to take photos and prepare them for donation.

In other life happenings, my daughter's cancerous tumors are shrinking with a chemo treatment that is making her quite ill, and has some harsh side effects. My sister's cancer has not been responding to treatment lately and not only are the tumors growing, but more appear almost daily. I thank those of you who have held them both, and all of our family, up in prayer and ask that you continue to do so.

On my needles are scarves, and a pair of socks that have been too long ignored. I've discovered that my worst trait when it comes to knitting is setting aside projects when I begin to question my ability to finish them. I guess unfinished is better than a failed project.

Now that I've ordered a CSM (circular sock machine) for knitting socks I'm kind of holding off trying to finish these socks. It will probably be late June, or maybe even July before my NZAK csm arrives as they are made in New Zealand. I became interested in these through an on-line friend who owns several, and after meeting her, and having the opportunity to play with her machines I was hooked. It just happened that my introduction to them happened at a time when I was receiving a nice sized retirement payment that didn't have to be used for living expenses so we (hubby and I) decided that I deserved a retirement gift. Now I'm anxiously awaiting my NZAK Green!

This will make the production of socks for my family much more likely to happen, since I'm very slow at hand knitting and still learning many techniques they have a much better chance of receiving socks made by hand cranking than by hand knitting. I will still hand knit socks, just because I love learning new things.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who have children, either by birth or by love.

Perhaps the next post will be about the web site.