Monday, February 12, 2007

Y chromosome malfunction!

Just today I heard that phrase, for I think the very first time. In plain language - blame a man.

When I hadn't heard from Jim or his staff about "naming" the scarf project, I sent off an email to him over the weekend. Here's his reply;
sorry I haven't gotten back to you

what I did was type of a list of about 15 or so of the "bolded ones" and started having it passed around asking folks to put check marks by their favorite 3..
and then I forgot about the list ..
and after two people looked at it it was sitting by a desk
the list is being actively passed around today

I'll get back to you in a day or two.

So, my apologies for the delay in announcing a name, but it should be coming yet this week. I received a second email with a hint about which name would be chosen, but I'm not sharing until it is definite.

Meanwhile, I've been continuing to work on a reversible cabled scarf in red, which seems to be taking forever. And also on some squares for WUA, which I'll give to my friend tomorrow night.

Have you discovered that it is a task in futility to try to do color work using eyelash yarn? I tried to do a white heart in a red scarf and finally quit in frustration, so I think for Mother's Day I will ask for a lesson at our LYS in such things. I've done a bit of it in a bag I made, and with wool it wasn't all that difficult, but with novelty yarn it's a whole other story!

I hope to have an answer on the "Name" later in the week, but for now it's time to feed the natives (hubby) and do some knitting on the last WUA square.


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