Sunday, January 28, 2007

Contest Confusion!

For those people whom I managed to confuse, and only those who sent a name for the multi-directional scarf, rather than the Scarf Project prior to this post, you have a 24 hour period to send a name for the Project and my apologies for not making the whole thing clear.

If you didn't send a name for that scarf, then I'm sorry but you don't get any lee-way on the time to enter the contest. I'm a night owl, and I'll be posting at midnight that the contest has ended, remember it was specified that it was California time.

Thank you to all who entered the contest, over 100 suggestions came in!
There are two people who didn't leave email addresses or blog addresses so if they win, well, I guess they won't win if I have no way to contact them or verify they were the person who left the suggestion, so I hope they come back to the site and leave their info.

Be back later.


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