Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Scarf Challenge and apologies due

My apologies for not getting the pictures of the scarves posted yet. I hope to do it after my medical appointment tomorrow. It's been crazy busy here with my fil in the hospital. He's now released and staying with us and while he's not a lot of work, it does take a bit of extra time and work making sure he has what he needs.

I've got 49 scarves with the one I finished tonight! I'm hoping to get 1 more to make an even 50! If not, I've got one about 3/4 done, but it has a pattern that I have to count so it might delay the donation a day or two.

Thank you to all who have sent scarves. There are so many generous hearts and helping hands out there in cyber space, and I really appreciate each and every one of you!

Wish me a calm day so that I can get photos taken!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Update on Pink Scarf Challenge

We did it! Ladies, thanks to your help, we have reached the goal of 25 scarves for the Pink Scarves for Breast Cancer Challenge . . . but we're going to keep going. So if you've started a scarf or scarves, we still need them. We're really short on "manly" type scarves, so if you feel like knitting more, please do so. We could use at least 6 more mens scarves. I'm hoping to have time for at least one, but with helping our friends with their business while they travel that is keeping me busier than usual.
I know there are at least three scarves in the mail, and others on your needles and mine so lets see if we can double that goal! We have received scarves from Israel (2), Missouri (2), Connecticut, Arizona (4), several from local knitters in our Stitch 'n Bitch group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/snbsl/ . My neighbor Bernice is on her 8th scarf I think - she has outdone me as she's a very fast knitter, and I am not!

I cannot thank you all enough for your help with this. I could not have done it without each and every one of you! Your generosity is touching, and your skills as craftswomen is amazing. Each scarf is different so when we reach the end of the challenge I will photograph them all together and post the picture on my blog.

In kitty news, I recently found out that I have the sweetest cat. Max, our 1 year old cat was sitting on my lap at the computer and was sliding down my legs so I moved her up closer to my body so she wouldn't fall, and she took issue with my disturbing her and reached over and nipped me, not hard enough to hurt but just to set a boundary. My reaction was to make her get off my lap so that she knows biting isn't how boundaries are set. She sat next to the chair facing me with a fierce look on her face, but at the same time a look that said "Hey, what's this? I want back up there" so I moved my chair closer to the desk to prevent her from jumping up. About two minutes later she left and immediately returned with one of her balls in her mouth which she dropped at my feet as a peace offering. Now how can you stay mad with them when they are so sweet?

This same cat, who is strictly a house cat, decided to make a run for it when hubby went to the back yard the other night. It was late, and as we tried to coax her in we had every dog in the neighborhood in an uproar, barking like there were boogie men out to get them. Max would walk 6 feet from us, but there was no catching her if she didn't want to be caught - and she didn't want to be, after all this was a great adventure! It wasn't her first escape, and no doubt not her last. Finally after half an hour of trying to tempt her with treats we gave up, left the patio door open and shut off the exterior lights. It took her all of about 5 minutes to realize she was alone and it was dark . . . she couldn't get in the house fast enough. We'll have to watch her for a while when we go out . . . she wants to explore, but she panics and we're afraid she'll run into the street. Plus, I don't want her beautiful white fur all dirty. We have one long haired cat, SweetPea, who is an outdoor/indoor cat and she brings leaves and the like in on a regular basis. It makes far too much housekeeping for my liking. Ironically, we have a kitty door from the dining room into the sun porch, and another from the sun porch to the back yard that SweetPea uses numerous times a day, but Max will not go through them!

See you at the yarn shop . . .

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The hurrier I go the behinder I get

All is well here, I've just been busy with life. Plus for the month of September I'll be helping our friends with their business while they take a much deserved, long anticipated extended vacation. It isn't a lot of work, but it does require some time and organization. They're very special friends and I'm happy to do it for them. And as hubby says I'll be happy to run to the yarn store with what I'm earning!

OTN: More scarves. For my Pink Scarves for Breast Cancer Challenge friends, we're up to 14 scarves delivered. I've been notified of about 8 more that are finished or close to it, and even more still being worked on. You ladies are awesome! I've personally got two more still being worked on, and a thought rambling 'round in my brain about another I'd like to make, time allowing. I'm feeling quite confident that the challenge will exceed the goal of 25 scarves.

Well, I'm off to work on the scarves. Stay well!