Saturday, February 20, 2010

New project for Scarves From The Heart

We're going to do a new event with St. Joseph's Regional Cancer Center - it's Spa Day! By April 20th we need 75 lace scarves. Wait, wait, don't panic, they don't have to be fancy stitches (though fancy is fine too)! Here's a picture of my first lace scarf. And as you can see it's not fancy, I used Karabella Lace Mohair, an ultra lace weight yarn and I simply used very large (size 13 or 15 needles) and knit every stitch. The best part was that I got three scarves out of one skein of yarn!

Please join us in this project and let's make sure each lady participating will receive a lace scarf.

You've all been terrific support in the past and I'm sure we'll reach this goal!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Yarn, yarn, yarn!

Today was a great day for yarn buys at one local thrift store! I didn't take all that was there, but I sure got a good amount of what was available. It's been months since I last found a good buy on really good yarn, but the wait was worth it. Here's a list of what followed me home;

Anny Blatt 'Angora Super' - 6 balls in a lovely near royal blue, 92 yds. each. Note: the color in this picture isn't accurate, it's a much deeper blue in reality.

Anny Blatt 'Superwash Wool' - 5 balls in a ruby red - 100 yds each

Classic Elite 'Classic Silk' - 5 balls in Bluebell - 135 yds each (no photo)

GGH 'Tajmahal' - 4 balls - in white

Patons 'Diploma' Gold DK - 4 balls of light and 6 balls of medium greens - 131 yds each
Lane Borgosesia Knitaly dal 1850 - 2 balls blue - 215 yrds each
Jaeger shetland - 1 ball of natural tweed and one of a nutmeg color - 182 yds each

The best part is the price, $30.40 incl. tax. Some of these yarns appear to be discontinued, but with lots of research the closest I could come in actual retail cost was over $300.00. I just wish you could feel it, especially the Angora Super and the Tajmahal - they're both sooooo soft!
On my needles at the present is the Jacob's Ladder Seaman's Scarf in black Paton's Classic Wool. I'm looking for yarn for the Pfeiffer Falls Hooded Scarf. The recipient likes lots of color but I don't think a lot of color will do the cables justice so I'm planning to find out what her favorite color is and try to find that in a heavy worsted, at 16 sts to 4 inches.
Today I am thankful for;
Garbage collectors
Our home
Tonight we're enjoying the opening of the winter olympics. Our hearts go our to the family of the luger who tragically died on his last practice run. They will be in our prayers as they mourn the loss of their loved one. Hopefully those steel stanchions will be padded before anyone else is injured on this dangerously fast track.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Life is Good

In spite of a difficult end of the year, I have much to be thankful for.

Five things I'm thankful for today;
1) rain, much needed rain here in California
2) good friends who help to keep my spirits up
3) a loving hubby who puts up with my moods
4) knitting, which soothes me
5) freedom of religion

There are many more things I'm thankful for, but it just helps to put a few of them down in writing.

January was for the most part a rather uneventful month. I did finish some scarves, and started others. The end of January we traveled to Southern California with two of our daughters to go to Disneyland and Lego Land. It only took one day of walking around Disneyland to find out how out of shape both hubby and I have become. By the end of the second day we were both complaining that our calf muscles were screaming in protest. With the tiny steps I was able to manage without pain all I needed was a kimono and white face make up to imitate a geisha.

When we arrived in Anaheim on Friday we went to Disneyland, then on Saturday to Lego Land, and back to Anaheim and Disneyland on Sunday. The girls and their dad made it to Disneyland on Sunday, while I opted for laying in bed to read and rest on Sunday morning. We had a late checkout scheduled from the Disneyland Hotel, and then we were on the road back to the girls.

The weather all three days was beautiful, not a rain cloud in sight! Thankfully, earlier forecasts were wrong.

February has brought more rain, and unlike the coastal areas which have experienced mud slides we are still happy to have more of the wet stuff.

Fibromyalgia flares have kept me down a bit during both Jan/Feb but only for a couple of days at a time. I do more reading this time of year as I don't get out as much. The knitting mysteries are my favorites, but I've also been reading some other fictional works thanks to my good friend Penni who shares her books with me.

Taxes are completed for this year! Hooray! It seems the anticipation of doing them is always worse than the actual task. They are always the chore I put off, but the one I'm happiest about completing.

On my needles . . . the Jacob's Ladder Seaman's Scarf in black for my youngest son. Up next, either completing a lace scarf, or casting on for a hooded scarf. There should be pictures of those in my next post.