Monday, September 01, 2008

And the month of August went where?

August began with planning a family reunion on rather short notice. Our family all gathered at my oldest son's home in Northern San Diego for a very short weekend the second weekend of August. Our youngest daughter traveled the furthest, coming in from North-Central Pennsylvania. It was the very first time that all five of my children have ever been together . . . being the youngest turned 32 just a couple weeks after the gathering, and the oldest is creeping up on 46 it's hard for people to believe this. But due to life's circumstances and a very long and personal story it's very true. Needless to say this was a momentous occasion for me. With one son heading off to work and live in Brussels, Belgium soon, a daughter fighting cancer, and kids scattered in five states it crossed my mind that this event might never come to be. I definitely feel it was a gift from God. In the past when we attempted to set up a gathering, always there was one who couldn't make it. This time the funds were available to make sure everyone could afford to come, and bosses were lenient in allowing time off on short notice! I am truly blessed!

In other news, the latest drive to have plenty of scarves for the September 10th "Gathering Of Friends" event where Scarves From The Heart will pass out scarves to cancer survivors has been extremely successful! Our goal - 150 - and I knew we could meet that, but I was concerned because we seldom receive enough masculine scarves. We received a total of 362 scarves, and at least 40 of them are appropriate for men! There is at least one box of scarves in the mail to us now, and another box that will be mailed this week, so we could feasibly reach 400 scarves. Thank you to all who helped to reach this amazing goal!

Please, don't stop making or sending scarves . . . we'd love to add homeless shelters and other cancer centers to our list of recipients. Scarves From The Heart plans to be around for a very long time, and if the support we've received to date is an indication of the support we can expect in the future, then there are a lot of good people willing to help us fulfill this mission. With your continued support we would like to add homeless shelters, children's homes, other cancer centers and any agency that has a need.

The needs won't go away, so lets keep knitting and crocheting, and looming too!