Monday, March 24, 2008

Berry Basket Dish Cloth Revisited

Lately there seems to be some active interest in my pattern for the Berry Basket Dish Cloth, and a few people have shared photos of their version. These first ones are by Danielle and the second one by Deb. I personally have not made any lately, and actually haven't been knitting all that much. I do have a multi-directional scarf on my needles, one with some rows of eyelet inserted every so
often. It has a long way to go before it will be finished.
Yesterday some Lion Brand in the Rainbow Falls colorway insisted on following me home from Big Lots, but at $1.50 a skein it was hard to resist. It will make a beautiful scarf.
Easter was pretty quiet here. We shared the afternoon with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law at the facility where Mom lives. She was in good spirits and not as confused as she seems some days.
Dinner consisted of a green salad, mashed potatoes and Omaha steaks. Have you ever tried them? We got them free when we purchased a new set of kitchen knives recently and I was impressed with the quality. Not impressed enough to order from them regularly, but felt that it made the purchase quite a deal.
That sounds like the buzzer on my washer, so I'd better tend to it!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Here it is March 10th, and I haven't been here for such a long time. In mid-December I picked up some kind of virus that kept me miserable until late January. Then in mid-February I picked up another virus which I'm just getting over! It hardly seems fair, but then fairness is usually limited to games isn't it?!

On Feb 13th we headed for So. California, and spent Valentines Day in Disneyland, then on the 15th we headed for San Diego. We stopped at a few antique shops and yarn stores on the way. But I must say I shopped very little, buying only 3 skeins (enough for 2 pair for my feet) of sock yarn and yarn for a scarf at one shop, and two skeins of sock yarn at another, one of which will be gifted at a later date.

We enjoyed a three days with our oldest son and his family before the bug hit me. It was very disappointing to have to cut our trip short, but it was necessary to keep from spreading the virus. Our granddaughter wasn't feeling well either, though her problem affected her digestive system, while mine had me coughing, and congested. Unfortunately it hit me so hard that I ran a fever for over a week, made two trips to the doctor, and experienced severe symptoms for nearly three weeks. Ok, I've had enough sympathy, lets talk knitting.

The truth is I don't knit a lot when I'm that sick, but I did manage to finish this scarf made in 'Kim' yarn, a 55/45 cotton/acrylic blend in a color that is less red than it appears on my monitor, and is nearly the same color as the Camellias in our front yard. It's one of the few cotton yarns I've enjoyed working with, and I'm sure it's because it's a blend rather than 100% cotton.
I've also been playing with a variegated yarn that is just a bit bulkier than a worsted weight. I know I want to do something that really shows off the variegation, but I don't particularly want to do another multi-directional scarf, so I need to continue to play with it until I find something I like.
At the end of the trip we had planned to stop at my friend's so she could teach me how to make socks on my circular sock knitting machine, but it just wasn't to be, so we'll do it another time. I will learn to make socks on it!
Dinner is about ready so I'm off to eat.