Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February is half gone

February has until now outdone itself with sunshine. It seems as though we have an umbrella over us as rain is falling in communities all around us. The Sierras are being hit with heavy snows adding to the water for next summers use here in the farming areas.

Books have been my constant company of late as I've no resolution with the issue of my left hand not making a fist and being too painful to knit. I don't mind the change most of the time, but there are times I want very much to finish my granddaughter's blanket. She's such an understanding girl, with no complaint at all, but I see it next to my chair and the temptation is great, but also the pain is equally great.

Hives have been a near constant foe this past week. It seems I've narrowed down the cause to a medication error, but will be visiting the allergist just to confirm it.

Youngest granddaughter is now walking, it saddens me that we don't live closer so we can share these events first hand, but how wonderful it is that we have the technology to share them via the internet!


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