Friday, June 19, 2009

Blogs and more blogs

How much time do you spend reading blogs? An hour a day? More than two hours a day? Time always seems to be in short supply for me, so I'm very sporadic about both reading blogs and writing in my own. This week I rediscovered Henya's blog where she not only shares her own patterns but she also has a contest right now. I enjoy the many subjects she covers as well as her style of writing.

Our neighborhood is a mix of families who've lived here for many years, raised their kids and are now enjoying grandchildren, along with a few young families. Our good friend and neighbors, Joe and Bernice, who live across the street from us and have since their daughters were young had left last Thursday to attend their granddaughter's high school graduation with plans to return on Sunday. They drove up to Sacramento where they joined with their youngest daughter and her hubby who planned to drive the rest of the way to Eureka. They were so proud of their granddaughter's accomplishments and were excited about the trip. Sunday, their daughter and son-in-law had dropped them back at their vehicle at the hotel in Sacramento and the kids headed to their home and the parents headed back here. About 20 minutes on the road Joe had some as yet unknown medical emergency which caused a single vehicle accident which took his life. When we learned of it on Monday we were in shock, and even the re-telling of the story as we related it to our neighbors who would want to know it just didn't seem possible. Bernice was critically injured, and has had to have at least two surgeries that we've heard of. While she continues to improve a bit each day, she's expected to be in the critical care unit for another couple of weeks or so. If you're a praying person would you please say a prayer for her?

On Saturday my friend Penni and I are going to an epiphyllum sale. We've each agreed we plan to buy only one or two plants, but once we get there I'm not so sure we'll be able to stick to our good intentions! I'm hoping to find a couple of varieties with small blooms. I am taking many of the Christmas Cactus that I foolishly thought I couldn't live without last winter to share with other growers. Of course, I wish I could say generosity is my only motive, but the truth is that space is my biggest motive . . . or lack of it. I have so many epies that they are outgrowing the area I have as they get larger. Saying Penni has about three times as many as I do might make me feel better for a nano-second, but then I'd have to admit that she also has a potting house and a very large patio with beams overhead to hang her plants from, while the ceiling of my sunroom won't support hanging plants. It will be fun to go together and see what we can find!

Tonight I finished the first half of a lace scarf that is knit from the bottom up in two pieces, and when I weighed what was done and the yarn I have left, I'm afraid I may end up short. I'm using Rowan Kid Silk in a pretty green, but I doubt if I can match it as I've had it for quite some time. I'll have to knit faster to get to the end and see if there's enough to finish . . . think it will help?

The sandman is calling and I'd better get to bed and sleep while I can as it's supposed to be very warm tomorrow and I don't sleep well when I'm too warm.


At 5:30 PM, Blogger Henya said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog.
I am sorry about you neighbours. Life is scary sometimes. We never know what is around the bend. I hope Bernice will pull through OK. So what did you buy? Inquiring minds want to know.


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