Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Exciting News!

Susan, owner of Crystal Palace Yarns has donated two patterns to post on the Scarves From The Heart website - check them out! Scarves From The Heart

In addition, she has offered to donate the yarn to knit two of each of the scarves! I have to thank Laura from Yahoo's "knittalk" group for setting this up for me! Thanks Laura! You're awesome!

You too can design a scarf and have it posted on our website. The copyright remains with you, the designer, and you can ask to have it pulled at any time, though of course we hope you won't. If you're interested in designing a scarf for Scarves From The Heart just email me! You'll be supporting a wonderful cause!

In other news, on Sunday I attended the "Surviving Beautifully" fashion show put on by The Regional Cancer Center at St. Joseph's Hospital here in Stockton. Mind you, fashion shows aren't my usual kind of entertainment, but this one is an annual fundraiser for the cancer center. This was their 19th year of putting on this fashion show, and what an outstanding job they did! I can't wait to see what they do for their 20th annual show. It's so very touching because all of the models are cancer survivors, and they are such an inspiration. They have gone through so much and yet they give their time and effort to make the path easier for others who will benefit from services the money raised makes possible! I really regret not having taken my camera. The models ranged from a 4 year old girl going through a second round of bone cancer, which is not in remission, to a man who has had cancer twice, and modeled with his two grown daughters who have both had breast cancer, and one of the two was recently diagnosed with yet a second type of cancer.

These people, along with my daughter, are the reason I continue to push to make Scarves From The Heart a success. If I give them one moment of happiness or one bit of warmth or comfort then every little bit I've done has been worthwhile.

Our next big push is for 100, no let's make that 125 scarves by late August. In September the cancer center has an event at a small park adjacent to their facility where last year we gave away about 65 to 75 scarves and ran out before each survivor got one. This year our goal is to not run out! So if you're reading this and you knit or crochet, won't you make time to make just one or two scarves for this worthwhile cause? While you're at it, tell your friends who are knitters or crocheters about it and ask them to make one or two. To learn about our very simple guidelines, go to Scarves From The Heart. We will need both masculine and feminine scarves.


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