Saturday, December 22, 2007

Joy is missing

It seems I just can't find any joy in the holidays this year. After the passing of my father-in-law and then me catching a miserable cold it just seems to have really put a damper on the holidays. It doesn't help any that we chose this holiday season to end the 56 year old tradition of the family gathering being in this home that my father-in-law built which we are priviledged to live in. With Dad (fil) gone, and my mother-in-law being ill in addition to the dementia she has suffered for several years it just seemed it wasn't going to be the same and my sister-in-laws agreed this was the time for it to change. But it's a tough adjustment, and I'm regretting cancelling it.

This nasty cold came on less than a week after we lost Dad, then on Wednesday this week I felt really good and so we went out and finished some last minute errands in preparation for Christmas. Thursday I felt good again and we were able to finish everything we needed to do. We had delayed leaving for the Christmas trip to my oldest son's by one day so I'd feel really good. But I awoke yesterday (Friday) feeling horrible. My chest has this very heavy feeling and it feels like there is a baseball between my shoulder blades. I'm coughing again and then wheezing and I'm miserable. So the trip is off . . . but if I'm better by the 28th or 29th we'll go down for New Years. I'm very disappointed as it was to be the first Christmas that our 9 yr old granddaughter had both sets of grandparents with her. Well, maybe it will be the first New Years instead!

Oh, I know, whining really isn't becoming! I'm sorry, and I know I'm on Santa's bad girl list . . . but it's not the first time !

How's this for a Christmas photo? This is my daughter's dog "Moose" who was raised in Austin, TX weather, and obviously approves of their move to PA!


At 4:06 AM, Blogger AmyS said...

Shelly, I am so sorry you're now ill on top of everything else! PLease be sure to get checked out by a doctor before this becomes something worse than a cold. :(

Thanks for your sweet words about the Doll Bag. I finished Samus today and will be posting about that soon on my blog.

Take care!


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