Monday, November 12, 2007

Some new, some not so new FO's

This is the blanket for DGD with the never ending ruffle (my first try at one) and it's not even for some reason. Hmmm, the left side isn't as ruffly as the rest, I'm guessing I skipped an increase row. As frustrating as it is I've decided it's more important to send it and wrap her in love than to frog it and fix it.

Also done are two bibs, two wash cloths and a pair of mittens. I'm currently working on a hat to match the mittens. Alas, much to my dismay I find I still struggle with lace. I'll put a bit more effort into it and if success isn't happening then I'll settle for cables or something less trying than what I really want to make.

Next up is finishing the baby dress to send to my friend in Israel for their community center. Then a hat for DD in PA where they've already had snow! Who knows I might even take another stab at the lace sleeves of the Bella Cardigan from Knitty . . . but then, maybe it would get done faster if I just had the gal at the LYS do it!
Hope you all had a wonderful Veterans Day. To all you out there who have served our country, including several of my own children, and my FIL, I want to say that I'm proud of you!


At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much cute grandbaby stuff-so cool!


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