Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knitting progress

Finally I am seeing progress on the snowsuit I'm knitting for dgd, Brodie Skye. It began as a pattern from Sirdar made from their Snowflake yarn. But as I've mentioned before I can't seem to leave a pattern alone. This one didn't have feet and babies in Colorado's winter need feet in their snowsuits, so I found a pattern that had just a U shaped foot, but I didn't like that either, so I figured out how to add a short row heel. I also used a different yarn, Plymouth's Heaven, and I'm making it in the round. After starting toe up, I'm now 4 inches into the hood with just 3 more inches to go, plus the teddy bear ears it has and the hood band and front bands. What do you think of it? I considered also doing mitts for it, but I'd have to line them because of the fuzz on this yarn, so I'll let Mom and Dad deal with mittens. This is big enough to fit her all through this season I'm sure. I can't wait to send it and see a picture of her in it.

DS #1 and his family were evacuated from the fires in San Diego county on Monday morning. They stayed with friends and were fortunate that the friends home was not evacuated even though there was a threat of it at one point. They are now back home as of about 5:00pm last night and all is well throughout their whole area. The fires were kept about a mile away, which is far too close for comfort. Our prayers go out for all those who are affected by the fires, including the firemen and volunteers who are doing such a tremendous job all over Southern California.

We are planning to leave for the LA area soon and hope that the fires are well under control by then. We're meeting our youngest daughter there for a few days.

I'll be taking several partially completed knitting projects and hope to find lots of knitting time during travel. I'm also hoping to visit a couple of yarn shops while there even though the budget isn't real flush right now. We'll see! I'm really trying hard to be good and only buy yarn with a pattern in mind, but sometimes I just don't have the best willpower especially when I see new sock yarns, because sock yarns don't need a specific pattern. Plus I want yarn for a "Wonderful Wallaby" sweater!

Dishes are sitting in the sink soaking and waiting for me, so I guess I'd best get out there and get them done.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger AmyS said...

The snowsuit is adorable! I'm glad all is well with your son's home.


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