Saturday, April 07, 2007

Short vacation

Fibromyalgia 1, Shelly 0 - Vacation ended up being shortened by two days, we came home on Monday because after three long days of Disneyland I woke up on Monday after very little sleep Sunday night and knew I couldn't possibly do anything more. In light of this we cancelled the visit to our friend in Anaheim, cancelled the trip to Velona Needlecraft in Anaheim Hills, as well as our anniversary dinner at Claim Jumper on Monday, and the trip to Solvang, and visit with a friend there on Tuesday. Instead we headed for home. So hubby spent his day packing up the car, driving, unloading the car by himself and eating his favorite pizza in front of the tv. I spent my day feeling lousy all the way home, crawling into bed as soon as we arrived home about 5:30pm and sleeping until 10am the next day. One good thing, the rest seemed to be what I needed and after a couple of days I was feeling pretty much back to normal.

All is not lost . . . hubby has agreed to do a yarn store crawl in the Bay Area soon and when we do I hope to have a chance to get together with at least one of my friends there, and with luck maybe more than one.

On my needles are still the socks, toe up, two socks on two circular needles. I tried to upload an in progress photo, but it wasn't happening, so next time.

It's early morning . . . 2:00 so I think it's time to head for bed.


At 3:16 PM, Blogger Sonya said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your vacation was cut short. Glad to know that you are feeling better!

At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you felt so poorly and that you had to cancel some fun stuff! But I'm very glad you're feeling better. Take good care of yourself!


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