Tuesday, October 03, 2006

News Coverage

By clicking on the title line you can be taken to an article published by The Record, our local newspaper here in Stockton California. Sara Cardine wrote a nice article on the Pink Scarves for Breast Cancer Challenge. I'm pleased with the article, even though as I've mentioned in emails - it isn't the story I would have written, but that's exactly why Sara works for the newspaper and I don't . It has gotten a positive reaction from friends and family alike. Already the article has drawn new members to our knit group, and that is a positive thing! Hopefully it will bring even more.

Our local yarn shop "Knit Witz" located on the Miracle Mile portion of Pacific Avenue here in Stockton has agreed to run a blurb in their weekly email about the scarf project also, which is really good news! It should give us the push we need to keep the project going.

In other knitting content, I finally pulled the Bella cardigan out of the UFO basket to finish the sleeves, but couldn't figure out where I was on them so . . . ribbit, ribbbit, ribbit . . . yep, I frogged them and started all over. I got 11 rows of the lace pattern done before bed last night.

Have you seen the Diakeito Rococo yarns? I purchased mine from www.seaportyarn.com on Saturday about noon. I emailed them right away to ask when it would ship because our postal carrier leaves packages on the porch. Within 20 minutes I had an email telling me it would ship that day. Later that evening I had an email showing that it had been shipped, and I received it on Monday. Talk about excellent service!! I ordered colors #104 and 110 and am so anxious to start playing with them. The color on these yarns doesn't repeat. It just slowly changes from one color to another. The picture here doesn't do it justice. The one on the left actually goes from a deep chocolate brown to black greys and blues, while the other one goes from oranges to magenta, teal, brick and to a yellowish orange. I'm not sure if each skein is different as I didn't see more than those that I ordered. There are several more colors available and if the funds were available I'd order some of each they are so yummy.

Still otn are two scarves which have now become filler projects. One is nearly done, the other about 2/3 complete.

It's nearing dinner time according to my rumbly tummy so guess I'll go see if the kitchen is still where it was earlier.


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