Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bargains 'n Blooms

On Saturday dear hubby and daughter went to the flea market. While wandering they spotted a box of yarn. Upon closer inspection dd noticed there was some Baby Alpaca/Lambs Wool 50/50 blend in it so she asked the price of the yarn and was told $5.00 for the box. It turns out there were 25 - 50 gram skeins of 165 yds each of the yarn. Fifteen of them are in Navy and 10 in Burgundy. It's made by Baruffa, which I've never heard of and I didn't find this exact yarn in my Google searches. It doesn't matter, the yarn is in good condition and very usable. There was a small amount of other yarns, a small crochet booklet, two crochet hooks and a set of aluminum double point needles in the box! What a bargain. I told hubby he hadn't made that many brownie points in a very long time.

Last night my Queen of the Night bloomed. I missed the first three blooms which I'm guessing bloomed the night before, but last nights blooms were as beautiful as ever. I was only a bit disappointed that all 5 buds didn't open at the same time. To the left of the top bloom you can see one of the spent blooms that I missed. Each bloom is about 10 inches across, and has a very beautiful scent that increases as the flower opens.

For those of you who've never seen The Queen of the Night before, it blooms once each year for one night only.

OTN; Cancer scarves which have gotten very little attention this week while we were cruising new car lots, and crunching numbers with sales/finance people. We finally settled on a new 2006 Chevy Equinox in dark silver metalic. It's pretty basic except for side curtain air bags, but even the basic models come with everything we needed, cd player, power windows, door locks and mirrors. We'd hoped to find something with better mileage than we got with our last vehicle, but most models that got better mileage were much smaller than we fit well into.

We drove a Mercury Montego that we really liked the ride of, but it won't fit into our single car 1950's garage easily. The doors wouldn't open enough to make a comfortable entrance and exit, so that one was out of the question. But I loved the silverish/greenish color and the huge trunk. It was a V6 (as is the Equinox) and had lots of get up and go!

Ooops! Hubby is needing help, and there's knitting to be done so see you later!


At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the yarn score (looks gorgeous!) and the new car. One of these days maybe I'll get a new car, too (mine is 13 years old).

Did you get the package I sent? :o)

At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shelly I am your one skein friend I love my package the oven mit is beautiful I just orded the book wso I can make another and possibley some for my daughters all the other things I love too they will look good in mu kitchen as I just got new red dishes so my kitchenis looking like a picture.. thanks so much for it it was well worth the wait I also will be adding your blog to my favorites and will be checkiing frequently for additions .. by the you are getting social security and I amgetting medicare come nov we both have reach a peak in our lives.. yours in kniting Maria

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

Thanks Amy! Got your pkg today! It's wonderful!

Also, Maria, come back often and keep in touch! I'm glad you liked the things I sent!


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