Monday, June 12, 2006

One Skein Secret Pal Exchange

Ooooooh! I just can't help oooohhing and aaaaahhhhhing over the scrumptious yarn I received from my secret pal. I also can't thank her enough for it. She definitely nailed my preferences, not only in color but also in softness. The yarn is hand dyed Texas Big Horn, 55% mohair and 45% wool. It hasn't told me what it wants to be yet, but wouldn't it make a wonderful scarf done in the multi-directional pattern. I wonder if I can find another yarn with the same colors but more intense to alternate it with? The colors in this yarn are so much softer than they appear in the photo. My camera did a less than ideal job of photographing them. I tried it in several different lights, but this was as close as I could come.
Below, and at the bottom of the picture above, are stitch markers she made for me. They're made with vintage beads and again my camera just couldn't catch the beauty of the beads. They seem like you can almost see into them. The shape of them is just as exquisite as the color. They're on, what I assume is, very fine jewelers wire, and the quality of her workmanship definitely challenges the beauty of the beads. I can't wait to use them.

What a wonderful way to combine your love of bead work and knitting. Thanks L., I will always cherish them.

It seems my secret pal was also excited with the superwash wool I sent her, and she said the color was perfect for her. I'm glad. Now to find a skein of yarn for July's exchange. I already know what I'm going to make her for the August exchange.

Late last night I frogged the sleeves for the Bella cardigan one more time. I had finished the first pattern on sleeve #1 and was nearly done with it on sleeve #2 when I dropped a stitch which in turn caused a disaster below. First I tried just frogging one, but in the process of knitting it again, I forgot that I had put an extra row at the very beginning (that's the challenge of changing patterns). Because I want this sweater to be as good as I can possibly make it I decided to start fresh when I'm not tired and I will make it according to pattern without that extra row. It's a good thing I'm persistent! That is my knitting for tonight . . . I'm determined to get through that first pattern tonight, so wish me luck, and loan me some mojo.


At 7:24 PM, Blogger Lynda Lambert said...

I am glad you are pleased with the yarn and the stitch markers. I had never made any before, so these were my first attempt.

At 5:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi :-)

i LOVE those stitch markers, but as i have never used any (i manage but marking with either a baby pin or stringing in another contracting yarn then tying it, i was wondering if this goergeous marker opens for you to slide stitches in???
can you email with then answer please? thank you :x


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