Saturday, June 10, 2006

Never saw a drowning victim I liked better!

This is it! The color in this picture isn't accurate, it's actually a darker navy color. But I'm jazzed about how well it turned out.

And already I have an idea for another purse, but I don't have enough wool yarn in a color I like. I'm not thrilled with the

mix of colors in this one - note the side of the purse in this photo - a little too pink for me.

I'd have liked it better if it were all the navy, but it was an experiment that I feel was about 99% successful. The size is nice, it's about 10" across at the base of the straps and about 6" deep at the lowest point. I've still got to put the magnetic clasp on.

Now to finagle enough yarn to do the one that is already knitted in my mind before I lose the urge to make it.

Good news on my sister's new cancer treatment. After the first treatment she had more energy than she has had in weeks! If nothing else it seems to be giving her a better quality of life and that's important! Daughter #1 is also doing well with her cancer treatments, but has a very long way to go with them. Chemo will continue to the first week of Sept. then she will begin radiation therapy, and after that a round of drug therapy. She is currently at home recovering from surgery to remove her ovaries. The plan is that she will return to work mid-month if all goes well.

Later this morning the two middle daughters will be arriving for a weekend visit. We're really looking forward to it as we see little of them due to school schedules and jobs.

OTN: I've re-started the lace sleeves to the Bella Cardigan with more luck this time. I'm using a 3x5 card method to keep track of the pattern and it seems to be doing the trick. I hope to get a few more rows of it done over the weekend while visiting with the girls.


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