Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall finishing!

Just a couple of days into fall and a finished object as we knitters call them is ready to be worn. The Tofu Tee is the first piece of clothing I've knit for myself and it's definitely turned out well enough to give me the confidence to knit more sweaters for myself.

In addition to the three hats in my last post I also finished a fourth one made of that really bright yarn. Still there's enough yarn for yet another hat, but other projects are calling my name. Three projects will have to compete for time as there is a pair of socks that need the cuffs completed, our local county hospital has requested red baby hats for newborns for the upcoming holiday season, and finally the hooded scarf that was started last year for ddil needs to be completed. All are on different size needles which is great as that will give my hands a break from using the same muscles in the same position for long periods.

Last weekend we had a visit from youngest dd and three of her high school friends who we knew well in those days. It was wonderful to have dd home as we don't see her nearly enough. It was also terrific to catch up with all the girls as they've all scattered to different locations since high school.
We also have had several birthdays in our family this month, our youngest granddaughter turned one, another turned 14 and I won't tell how old the two daughters who celebrated birthdays are.

Have you ever gone to 5 Guys for burgers and fries? They're new in town so we thought we'd go for dinner last night. The service was great even though the line as past the entrance into the dining area when we arrived and two registers were manned. The burgers are tasty, but the fries took me a few bites to acclimate to the taste and texture as they're very crispy on the outside but rather mushy on the inside. Good but definitely not my favorite french fry. The price was definitely reasonable for the amount of food. However, yes, here comes the "but" - an hour after dinner my digestive system was having a vicious disagreement with my taste buds about what I had ingested. Unfortunately the digestive system won the argument, so a return trip is still in question.
Sitting here is not getting the Tofu Tee into the washing machine, so until next time happy knitting and God Bless.


At 9:05 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Love your top, wonderful colors. Good luck with all your projects.

Are you still needing donations of scarves? Are you ok with my posting the need, mailing address and particulars on a forum? I'm making sorta of directory of charity needs.


At 2:14 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

Sandy, we can always use scarves. Once again we really need some manly size and color ones, as well as some warm ones in feminine colors.

You may publish the Information using the P.O. Box address. Thank you for doing that.


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