Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hats and more

The Tofu Tee has been slowly progressing, and has only two or so inches to start the final sleeve. Getting more attention recently have been hats. Hats are for elementary school students, to fulfill a project started by an online friend prior to her recent passing due to cancer. Many of the KnitTalk yahoo group, of which she was a big part, will be making sure her project is successfully completed, and her goal of 100 hats will likely be exceeded. Hopefully someone in the group will keep the project going as this was the sixth year Kathy had made hats for the elementary students at the schools where her daughter teaches. Her idea was for bright cheerful and fun hats, and I think these will make some youngster happy.

Our youngest daughter recently lost her beloved St. Bernard to old age. Moose would have been 10 in a few short months. She'll likely get another St. Bernard puppy, but she's got some travel plans and doesn't want to have to board a new pup, so she'll wait to get one. Meanwhile the cat who held more affection for the dog than people is coping with the loss, but not especially happy.

Our middle daughter has made the move to the LA area. She's renting a room so it was mostly clothes and books being moved. She called today, saddened to be leaving the apartment she has been sharing with her older sister, but excited about classes starting tomorrow! In addition to the classroom teaching she'll be continuing to teach either 5 or 6 online courses, so she'll have a very busy semester.

I've sadly given up on my epiphyllum plants. They just take too much care for me to keep up with as I had to hand carry gallon jugs to water them, then lifting those jugs of water kept my shoulders in such pain I finally had to give in and admit that it made no sense at all to continue to do something that hurt me physically and wasn't likely to get any better.

Tomorrow is dear hubby's appointment to get the CPAP machine, and I have to say he's not at all excited about it. In fact he's been downright crabby on the subject. He's very concerned that it's going to be very restrictive in moving in bed. I'm hoping that it won't and that he'll be able to cope well with it.

Reading has been a big part of my summer this year. I've read mostly Nora Roberts novels and just finished the first three books in the bride quartet so am anxiously awaiting the release of the fourth and final book in November. My current read is the second novel in the Chesapeake Bay series by Nora Roberts. It's calling, so I'll catch you all later.


At 11:16 PM, Blogger AmyS said...

Hi Shelly,

Your hats are great! Congrats to your daughter - I did an internship at LAVC and it is a nice campus. I hope she'll be very happy there. :-)

Big Nora Roberts fan here, too (I think I've read all of her books, reread some of them over and over).


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