Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Early June brought blooms on three of my epies, Sonoma Sunshine, Three Oranges and German Empress. The

Easter Cactus that should have bloomed in April has also been in bloom this month. The red has been the most prolific bloomer, but the orange, white and rose color have bloomed too. Not even a bud appeared on the pink this year.

This week we've had workers in repairing some water damage in our bathroom. It wasn't anything major but it required replacing the vinyl flooring. The new flooring is a choice I wish I'd made when I bought the last one just a few years ago which was essentially white. Whatever possessed me to purchase white flooring is beyond me, but I'm happy to see it gone. I vaguely recall thinking that the white would make the small space look larger. It may have, but not enough so to make it worth the effort it took to keep it clean. The new pattern looks like tiles cut from natural stone which we complimented with smoke gray 4 inch edging which really looks much better than the white. Our cats were very put out by the invasion of their space. Max, the younger cat hurried to find a safe place whenever the workers were here, while SweetPea being an indoor/outdoor cat usually just headed outside. About fifteen minutes after the workers left each day Max would come out of hiding, slinking very close to the ground and looking warily around to be sure the invaders had vacated her space.

Reading has been one of my great pleasures for as long as I can remember. Lately I've been reading some Nora Roberts novels. She has a great way of telling a story, and unlike some authors works they don't all read the same.

Still I've managed to find a bit of knitting time. Just last night I started a scarf using Silk Cotton, a discontinued Rowan yarn that was donated to Scarves From The Heart by Martha E. along with several other yarns. This will be another scarf given to cancer patients. It's turning out really interesting using the Pavilion Stitch found at Knitting on the Net. Also in progress is a pair of socks, another pair that my friend Kathleen cranked out the foot on her circular sock knitting machine. I sent her my Claudia Hand Paint Pink Cloud yarn and then sent them back to me so that I can knit the tops of them. I'm putting a heart design on the outside of each ankle.


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