Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flowers, Good News and Frogging

Earlier in the week I had a call from my daughter-in-law. Ok, she's an EX-DIL, but I hate the word "EX", because she's still my grandchildren's mother and we still have a good relationship, so in my heart she's still my DIL. But, I digress. She called to tell me that I needed to be home today for a delivery. What was to be delivered wasn't to be divulged, but she knows we're out and about often and she didn't want me to miss the delivery.

I wouldn't have missed this for anything in the world . . . two dozen beautiful, fragrant roses in the loveliest of colors. My granddaughters chose the vase, and it matches well with my dining room. Aren't they gorgeous?

An email from my older sister brought very good news. When our sister, Pam, lost her battle with cancer last August we asked the cemetary where our father is buried to allow us to bury Pam in the site reserved for our Uncle Floyd, who passed away in Colorado several years ago and is buried there. They allowed it, but they didn't want his headstone removed . . . it matched the other family stones . . . finally after some frustration and a heartfelt letter written by my sister, they agreed to let us have his headstone removed, and a new headstone with Pam's name and dob/dod installed. The stones can't be matched exactly, but a stone that is close will be chosen. We have an aunt and uncle who died in childhood buried in this cemetary, but no one knows where, because their record keeping is so terrible. My sister used this information to convince them that if they insisted we keep our uncle's headstone in place future generations will not know where our sister is buried. I believe that Pam will truly rest in peace now, and that gives me comfort.

It was a day of good news. Finally, after months of dealing with insurance companies, past employers and the like, it seems we've made progress in settling my DFIL's estate. It has been a very frustrating experience dealing with his past employer to get the life insurance which was part of Dad's retirement benefits paid. Finally in frustration I called their home office and left a message venting my frustrations with their failure to communicate with us, as well as their failure to pay all the monies due my MIL. This morning I received a very nice phone call from a gentleman who listened to my complaints, and listened to what I was asking of them and promised to get back to me with an answer no later than tomorrow morning. Then mid-afternoon I had a call from a woman who said that our file was part of her case load and she had made an error and she apologized profusely. It was refreshing to have someone take responsibility for their mistakes. She promised to take care of it to the very best of her ability, and I believe she will. Worst case scenario, the funds should be paid by June 30th. Best case scenario, they will be paid May 30th. A "Major Name" insurance company that was to pay out the larger portion of the benefits was not much better to deal with. They opened one of their "Safe Haven" accounts in direct opposition to the completed paperwork (in my opinion to keep the monies within their control longer) and it took some communication to get that changed. The funds arrived today, only to have the check tear when trying to remove it at the perforation! EEEEK! Now I have to call them and ask them what to do because the account number is totally torn. Oh, well, that's another day . . . tomorrow it will seem like just another pebble under my shoe.

Frogging . . . it had to be green for frogging, even though the yarn is blue . . . yes, the bamboo has been frogged again! It just didn't have the body to carry off the Check scarf. So it's now going to work at becoming the "Waterfall" scarf. The colors are right for water, so I hope this is it's last change of mind.


At 2:44 AM, Blogger AmyS said...

Your flowers are beautiful, and just right for you. Glad you got some good news; we all need that sometimes!


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