Thursday, April 24, 2008

Saturday can't come soon enough . . .

Saturday, Saturday, I'm so excited. On Saturday I'll finally meet Dorrie, and her daughter, who along with her daughter's friend have periodically mailed me boxes of scarves for Scarves From The Heart. We're lunching at my new most favorite restaurant Elephant Bar and they're bringing along some scarves they've made which will help meet our goal of 125 scarves by the end of August.

That's it, the ends are woven in (see my last post for a picture of this scarf), and I swear off of the multi-directional pattern for a while. I'm not sure why that one was so difficult for me to finish when I haven't had that problem in the past. But it's done, it's not perfect and it's ok that it isn't perfect. It reminds me that only God is perfect, but I am to strive for perfection knowing I will never attain it in this life.

After finishing the multi-directional I balled up the two hanks of purple lace weight yarn I'd planned to make my friend Sue's scarf from. However, when knit together the blend of the two shades of purple just wasn't pleasing. Next option, purple Lorna's Laces sock yarn, and while it fit the bill color wise, it wasn't bulky enough to look right for the pattern I'd chosen. Finally the pattern won out, and I found this at our LYS.

Of course a couple of other yarns followed me home, but I thought I did well getting out with only 4 new yarns, in amounts appropriate for scarves. There was one yarn I left there, that I really didn't want to leave, but it was the yarn I lusted for, not a scarf (or anything else) made from it. It was a fine ribbon yarn with bamboo in it, and it had the most wonderful feel in my hands. But the yardage wasn't enough to warrant the price on this month's budget. Of course that means I may go back and buy it later. It gives me something to wish for. Right now my tummy wishes it weren't so hungry so I guess that's a cue to go to the kitchen.


At 6:18 AM, Blogger Angelika said...

I found you blog and website thanks to Monika. Now I can make use of all the eyelash and other yarns that only have enough yardage for a scarf. Thanks for the idea.


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