Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tin Litho Knitting Bank

This holiday season I've been tempted by sheep pulling santa's sleigh, snow sheep (as in snowmen), but this is the one item I couldn't resist. A bank for knitters! That small writing to the left of the man's head says "Is wool your dirty little secret too?"

On one side it says "I need a half gram of wool and quick, I'm starting to come down" and on the other side it says "Ever fantasized about knitting your own work clothes? Or instantly whipping up some winter mitts and a matching scarf? Don't fool yourself. It's gonna take some serious money to learn how. That's where we come in with our easy-to-use Magic Wool Fund. We'll have you savin' up before you can holler 'Knit one, Purl two'! You love wool, that's your problem. Our problem is helping you find the funds." This is followed by "Government Warning: Sharing Knitting needles can be hazardous to your health" in bold dark print. It's about the size of a tin of bandaids, it holds coins up to the size of a quarter and has a metal plug in the bottom that means you can make a mad dash to the LYS when it's full and then just refill it again! At only $8.00 it would make a fun, inexpensive gift for any knitter! It's made by "Blue Q Banks" <> At the top of their page there is a "Where to buy" button.
News on the family front is mixed. DD, Kathryn, is finally off chemo and on a new treatment that means she only goes to Houston twice a month instead of weekly.
Granddaughter, Brodie Skye is two months old already. She's healthy and more beautiful every day!
Sadly, my father-in-law is not doing well, and is in the hospital right now as they try to find out why his blood pressure plummets every time he sits up or stands up. In mid-November he was in the hospital for an intestinal blockage. That was remedied without surgery, but he has not regained any strength since that time. He spent about 1 week in the hospital then, and was released to a skilled nursing facility, but continued to feel worse until earlier this week he finally asked to be re-admitted to the hospital.
Fortunately my mother-in-law is doing better. She is healing well from the hip replacement surgery, and with a new med added to her regimen she is in much better spirits.
On my needles, the same old scarves and a blanket for 9 yr old dgd.
My Christmas shopping is complete (except for hubby and he thinks I'm not getting him anything)!


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