Friday, November 03, 2006

Progress and more

The last few days knitting has been on a baby shower gift, that has for the most part gone well. Until last night when I had to take out about 12 rows of it . . . yes I'm deliberately not mentioning what that "it" is because the recipient may be lurking. But I've re-knit all that had to be tinked and added a few more rows also. I'm hoping to have it done in time for the baby shower on the 11th. To you knitters that may seem like an easy task but for those of us who knit like a snail (lol - strange pictures in my mind at that thought) it's questionable.

Next up, I must get busy on more scarves (yes, Tiff, I honestly plan to finish your Bella Cardigan). I'd like to provide another donation of scarves to the Sister Mary Pia Cancer Center before Christmas. I know you're all very busy with Christmas knitting, but if you could each manage just one or two scarves I think we could provide them with another donation of 50 or so scarves! What do you think? We can do it! Remember, we aren't thinking pink on these, we need both men's and women's scarves - knit or crochet, any pattern, any yarn, of any color! If you need more information Email me!

Also on my mind, but not yet on the needles, is a purse I promised my dsil, and a shawl I want to do for dmil . . . I need a faster speed or more hands. Meanwhile, time spent here is taking up precious knitting time, so I'm outta here!


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