Sunday, November 26, 2006

Glad you stopped by . . . I should come here more often myself

It seems one thing and another have kept me from posting lately, a little bit of busy, some knitting, some down time with my fibro and a good dose of procrastination.

Speaking of that "P" word (shhhhh, you know procras - I'm not going to say it, I just can't) any way, back in August (face turning crimson red) I received a wonderful gift from a swap partner and I never got a photo of all my goodies posted. So, here is a photo of most of it . . . missing are the Chocolate which disappeared faster than the magician's props, and the Orangesicle soap which has somehow moved out of my reach.

First is this gorgeous yarn, which is impossible to photograph in it's true colors. It's a lace weight mohair acrylic from Filatura Di Crosa in Multicolor. As you can see all these months later it still hasn't told me what it wants to be, (strange, but none of my lace weight yarn talks to me much) but just like my cats, it loves to be petted. Also in my box of goodies was a wonderful felted bowl that is black with a halo of eyelash yarn in red which has become a favorite catch all next to my knitting spot. There was also a little hand made pottery piece which is wonderful for my yarn needles along with a vanilla scented candle, tea-light candles and a holder in colors perfect for my bathroom, a bookmark, flower seeds, lavender buds and bath salts. What a wonderful surprise it was to receive all these gifts chosen just for me! Thanks go to my swap partner, the knitty professor! And yes, I did thank her when they arrived, only the photography was so late.

Now, to more current news. I just finished these for my sister-in-law who is the one who always steps up and volunteers to cook Thanksgiving dinner, and asks for little help. Other years I've always taken her a plant that she can put in the ground later, but this year I wanted it to be something for just her. She works in a warehouse but needs her fingers free for typing so these were just the cat's meow! Grrrr! I've tried several times to post a picture and it's just not happening - blogger you're letting me down! Finally several tries later, the photo of the fingerless mittens


Also on the needles lately have been scarves as I'm planning to make another donation to the Sister Mary Pia Cancer Center the middle of December. I think we have 20 scarves ready at this point, plus there is supposed to be a box of 12 shipped to me soon. So, if you're reading this and you donated the last time we'd be thrilled to receive another scarf or two. If you haven't donated before you can email me for more information! As a quick over-view, the scarves can be any color, size, or yarn crocheted or knitted in the pattern of your choice. The only restrictions are that they must be labeled with fabric/yarn content and they must be freshly laundered (to avoid problems with allergies to pets, smoke, dust, etc.) and enclosed in a clean plastic bag such as zip-lock in preparation for shipping. The cancer center is giving the scarves to newly diagnosed patients. I guess you could say, they're receiving a hug with the bad news.

I'm still struggling with a name for the "scarf project". I mentioned one a while back, but haven't been content with it. Maybe I should have a contest . . . I'd love your feedback on the project name. Some of the ideas I've had are "Threads of Hope", "????? Hands, Caring Hearts", and some that escape me now when I'm trying to think of them. Please send your suggestions for a project name. I've tried googling each name I thought of to make sure it isn't already being officially used.

There is a seaman's cap sitting by my recliner that needs only about 6 more rows so I guess I'd best grab a bite to eat and then finish it off as there are two more that need to be knitted.


At 4:23 PM, Blogger LaurieM said...

You're fingerless gloves are a really thoughtful gesture to your sister-in-law.

Thanks for stopping by my site.


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