Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Warm California Sun

Southern California was in the mid to high 80's when we were there and for me it was wonderful as I'm easily chilled. Dear Hubby, on the other hand, would have preferred it 15° to 20° cooler.

It was wonderful visiting with family there. It was mostly laid back visiting time, though we did visit a couple of malls - once just the "girls" and once my son came along. The evening before we left my son shared with us that he was to receive a promotion from senior engineer to staff engineer at his work! Congratulations, Son!

Hubby and his two daughters had great fun at Disneyland despite the heat. Sadly the girls returned home to find their garage had been broken into and all their tools, field equipment (for archaeology) and 3 new bags of kitty litter had been stolen. What kind of thief steals kitty litter? Maybe the same kind that steals cars and parts them out . . . kitty litter is often used to soak up oil.

While in So. CA. I had the opportunity to visit a couple of yarn stores I hadn't been to before. Skein in Pasadena, where the store was well stocked and the owner was very helpful. In Corona I visited A Yarn Affair where I only had a few minutes to spend, but it was visually pleasing and had a good stock to choose from also. I bought mostly yarns that will be used for scarves, but am excited about working with some new yarns.

While in San Diego I helped my 8 yr old granddaughter finish her first knitted project, and help her start a blanket for a doll she hopes to get for Christmas. I also finished a scarf made from my friend Joan's pattern knitted with Paton's Brilliant, and got the back and both front pieces of a baby sweater nearly done - a bit less than an inch to do before the shoulder shaping.


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