Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Seven feet of Snake Scarf

The I-Cord Snake scarf is done. It is seven feet long and I love it! I will probably keep this for myself, though I usually end up giving away what I make. I'm planning to make gloves to match it so I'm pretty sure this scarf is a keeper.

Nearly done is the purse that started with inspiration from the Felted Circular Tote in the February 2006 issue of Knit 'n Style. Like always, I couldn't knit it exactly according to the pattern so I'm adding a strip that will become both the bottom and the strap of the bag. The bottom will hopefully be about 3 inches wide after felting, and at the point it becomes the handle it is a 5 stitch i-cord. I'm so bored with I-cord after doing it for the scarf and now also for the bag - I can see why it's called idiot cord. I also reduced the size of the bag a bit as I wanted a large purse not a tote bag. The yarn is 127 print by Filatura Di Crossa in colors #31 & 37. I may have to buy yet one more skein to finish it, and it looks like if I'm to buy it locally it may be yet a third color. The good thing about it is that there is a variegation in this yarn that is the same color in all of the three colors which ties them together. The felting process will mute the colors and make it an interesting mix. At worst, if I don't like it, I'll either give it to the first poor soul that says they do, or I'll use it as a project bag. At the least I'll have learned from the experience.

Of course whether I'll ever learn to find the pattern first and buy the yarn after is another question. I buy yarns that I like and I guesstimate how much yarn I'll need for what I think it wants to be when I choose it. Of course before I get to make anything it often tells me (shhh, listen and you'll hear it too!) it wants to be something completely different. If your yarn isn't talking to you it may be a teenager, they seldom talk to adults.

Today I stopped at my friend L's and went through her many books with baby patterns in them and found a pattern for a blanket I want to make for a family friend. Now I have to decide on color, or variegation, etc.
As yet the gender of the baby is unknown, so I'll probably wait a bit before making a decision.

Stitch 'n Bitch meeting was well attended with a total of 9 of us tonight. It has been down to as low as two of us, then 4 for a while so it's nice to see more of the ladies coming out. We have a lot of members on the yahoo group that seldom or never attend.

It's late, and I think I'm going to browse for a pattern and then head for bed.

I wish you all sunny days and restful nights.


At 7:35 AM, Blogger Lynda Lambert said...

Yes, I too shop for the yarn without any idea of what it will be. Well, we gotta keep adding to the stash, don't we? How else can we do it? But, I am learning to buy the yarn for the pattern and the last couple of projects I have done that...but then, I can't pass up a wonderful yarn either.

I don't know how to do Icord, so I don't even come UP to the idiot level on that. I must learn how to do that as it looks so nice.

Can't wait to see your new bag. You inspire me to do one, too.

OY, your photos do not come up on this website for this post. It is marked with a red X.

At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the father of two and step-father of two. My wife started knitting in earnest (19 pairs of socks, three sweaters, and nine hats) last August for Christmas presents. So, I volunteered to knit scarves, if she would teach me, becuse she didn't get all of last year's presents done until after Christmas. I didn't want the pressure to spoil her enjoyment.
She was delighted with the idea, taught me to knit and purl, still chastises me for not purling and added more names to the Christmas list!
I have found knitting to be fun and now want to learn to crochet also.


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