Monday, August 15, 2005

Ooooohh, I love presents!

Today I received the purse from my Yahoo knit exchange partner and I love it. I couldn't have found something more to my liking if I'd chosen it in a store. I can hardly wait to transfer all my stuff into it. The creator of this beautiful purse is Nancy H. of New York.

Nancy, I haven't the words to thank you properly for this gorgeous purse. It is going to draw so many compliments especially at my Stitch 'n Bitch meetings where knitting is truly appreciated.

Happily I can report that the felting of the bag I made for my exchange partner went well. It is now in the blocking/drying process and then I can mail it. I can only hope that she likes her bag half as much as I like mine. Already I'm looking forward to the next exchange.

On Saturday I finished a scarf made with Tahki Scoop (a ladder or windowpane) type yarn and Trendsetter's Voila Print (an eyelash type) and it turned out very pretty. I added fringe to that scarf and another that has been finished for a while during our most recent S 'n B meeting. I will post pictures of them soon.

Speaking of the S 'n B meeting, it was the one year anniversary of our group and we chose to make it a swap meeting so we could get rid of some of the yarns in our stash that we really don't think we'll use. I took a lot - and got rid of a good portion of it. Also managed to get rid of some of my craft things that I'll never, ever use! Yeah, a successful meeting on my part. Yes, I did bring home a few things, I think 3 skeins of Homespun and a skein of Lion Brand pink Jiffy (mohair look) which I'll use for scarves.

On the needles now is my first attempt at a hat, just a simple stocking cap for my grandson, made with Red Heart medium weight worsted. He picked the colors, gold with red stripes and there will be enough yarn to make a red one with gold stripes too. I'm doing it in the round and it's going well. Quite an easy project after the bag I just finished.

Happy knitting, friends!



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