Monday, April 20, 2009

A bargain isn't always a bargain . . .

Last week I was excited to find a scarf already in progress and still on the needles at a local thrift store for only 94 cents! It was nicely folded in the sealed bag, the needles were a pair of US11 Susan Bates needles. The yarn was a very pretty bulky variegated yarn. Ahh, no I didn't think to take a picture before frogging it because it was only about a yard long and 7 inches wide. So, to get to the point, I decided making it considerably narrower wasn't a good idea so I purchased yarn to add to it. The lack of a bargain is due to the fact that I actually ended up not using the yarn I purchased. I did end up finding something in my stash so my 94 cent bargain is getting used and I'll eventually use the yarn I purchased that has slipped in amongst the rest of my stash.
Also on my needles are the Wildfoote socks, which are to the point where I'm doing the cuffs in a k3, p1 ribbing, with about 1 inch of the cuff complete. Also the Noro Silk Garden stripe scarf. Up next another pair of socks, this time in Poem Sock which I just need to roll into two balls. I scored a really good buy on a digital scale today at Harbor Freight for only $20. I've got three colors to choose from and I think the eenie meenie miny moe game will be the way to choose because they're all so gorgeous. I have 952, 955 and 958.

More and more buds keep appearing on my epies. I was sure my Three Oranges epie would have bloomed by now, but obviously the hybrids take longer from the appearance of buds to bloom than my species, Oxypetallum, does. This very large bud on my Three Oranges will be the next bud to bloom. This plant has over a dozen buds that all appear they will bloom over the next few weeks. It looks like the bloom may be at least 6 inches or larger. Also in bud are my Orient Express, Sonoma Sunshine, Elise, Amber Queen and maybe Hot Lava. The growth on Hot Lava is very small and too difficult for me to tell. The Orient Express has over a dozen buds. It sounds like a bloomin good summer.
Dear hubby has been dealing with some loss of motor function in both his left hand and leg, among other symptoms. He's had two MRI's so far. The first one, of the head, ruled out the possibility that he'd had a stroke. This is excellent news as his mom had a very long history of dibilitating strokes prior to her passing. The second MRI, of the neck, showed a congenitally narrowed spinal canal and some bulging disks which could be the cause. That alone doesn't account for all his symptoms however so he will see a neurologist later this week. If it is just the bulging disks causing the problems then surgery is probably a good option. If not, hopefully it will end up being something treatable. Please say a prayer for him.


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