Monday, March 23, 2009

Blooms and bloopers

Today I awoke to this! It's a full 6 and a half inches across and my photography doesn't do it justice.

Two plants have dropped buds, I'm guessing it's because immediately after moving them to our screened patio, which is also wrapped in plastic for their protection, we had a couple of nights of low 30's temperatures. At least one more plant will bloom in the next couple of weeks as it has 10 buds on it and each day the buds are a little fuller. Of course I'll be posting pics when it blooms. By the sizes of the buds it will bloom over a few days as some are quite small and appeared later than those that are looking more robust.

Knitting . . . I'm knitting socks, but I made a boo boo . . . I neglected to keep track of where I was supposed to start the gusset, so I took the needles out to go back a few rows, and it's going to be a bear getting the needles back in without dropping a stitch. I think it will get done in the patio where the light is really good on sunny days. What was that someone said about lifelines? I sure wish I'd done one! The socks are going to be gorgeous when finished . . . and they will be finished. I'm using Wildfoote yarn on size 2 needles, doing 2 socks on 2 circulars, toe up. See . . .

I really like working with this yarn and I'm sure I'll like wearing it just as well. I'm already deciding what yarn to use for my next pair, and if I'll make them top down or toe up.
I'm awfully glad I've got a good stash of yarn, and am surprised at how fun it is to go through it and remember the fun days of travel and buying in different stores in different cities.

There is a new scarf pattern here on the Scarves From The Heart website called Steps. Just scroll down past the pattern links to the first pattern. You're welcome to use it for personal use or charity. You may link to it, but please don't print the pattern anywhere without permission, or make items to sell from the pattern. It's done in a dk weight yarn, and almost looks like cables done on the diagonal. It's a really easy pattern.
I'm still trying to decide which scarf to start next. I think I want something quick and easy, but I also want color after working on this gray. Maybe I should just pull out one I already have in progress. Hey, that's a thought! LOL. There's a yellow one that would be cheery.
Here's wishing you all a spring with beautiful blooms and yarns just as lovely.


At 10:19 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Love the colors for the socks. The flower is awesome.

Just doing a little catch up visiting today. Not something I've been able to do in quite some time.



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