Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a little knitting

Who would have thought it would take three weeks to get into see an orthopedist? At our Kaiser Permanente that's the wait time, so I opted to drive to a Kaiser Hospital in a nearby city where I could get in the very next morning, which was one day last week. I really liked the Dr. I saw, she was very thorough and easy to talk to. It turns out there are no bone problems, and that the problem is basically the same thing as tendonitis. The solution is to use it, but don't abuse it, and physical therapy when an opening is available, currently set for March 11th. Meanwhile I've begun to knit a little, being careful to keep my left elbow in close to my rib cage. I've knit a couple of evenings, the first time on Monday night I stuck with it a little too long on a basic scarf. But the major issue still causing pains is when I roll over onto my left side in my sleep.

Today I discovered that one of my epiphyllum plants, Elise, has a bud on it. This particular plant is a young one that hasn't bloomed before so I don't know how long it will take the bud to come to full bloom. You can see a picture of an Elise bloom here . Many growers would not allow a plant this young to bloom, they would pinch the bloom, but the plant is very healthy and I've decided to let it bloom. Hopefully I'll be able to post a picture of my own bloom here soon!

In other "green" news, the two schlumbergera, commonly known as either zygo cactus or Christmas cactus, which I polinated with my older variety have seed pods on them. It will be fun to watch the pods ripen, harvest the seeds and plant them. The plant I used to polinate these with has a deep fuschia color bloom, while the two plants which have the pods have a light salmon and pinkish yellow blooms so I can't wait to grow these to bloom size and see the blooms. All of my schlumb's have been moved back into the patio now that fear of frost is passed in our area. It's nice to be able to see the top of the table and the china cabinet in the dining room once again. I hope to be able to move all 80+ epies back to the patio in a couple of weeks.

The weather here has been a mix of sunny days in the 60's and rainy days that are much needed. Surrounding areas seem to get more rain than we do, almost like there is an umbrella over our area. We may get some rain tonight, I hope so, we can really use it.

Are you watching American Idol? Any favorites yet? I know it's early but I'm already finding a couple of people I think will go a long way.


At 12:15 AM, Blogger AmyS said...

Avi has a very long wait to see an orthopedist, too. He has calcific tendonitis in his right shoulder, and that's his favorite side to sleep on, too.


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