Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Giving up knitting . . .

But only temporarily upon doctor's orders. I have what the doc describes as 'impingement' which means the bursa is swollen causing irritation in the muscles and tendons of my left shoulder. To me it's just medical jargon that means I'm forced to take an unwanted break from knitting. So, today is day three of NO knitting, and I'm a bit bored even though I've got some good reading material handy. I can't even guess at how long before I'll be back to knitting, but I have a follow up appointment on Friday the 13th, and no I'm not superstitious. But I'll knit for a few minutes at a time, starting with 5 minutes, and working up from there and see if that still causes pain. If it does, then x-rays or more will be the next step. This isn't my first bout with impingement, but it's by far the most severe.

Today I spent my free time tagging some scarves that had come for Scarves From The Heart But I've run out of tags, about half a dozen short. I'll be getting more from my Assoc. Director on Friday, so I'll be able to finish them then. Later in the day UPS arrived with a very large box that I'd forgotten was on it's way, and was amazed to find that Scarves From The Heart has been the very fortunate recipient of a large amount (16 pounds) of yarn from a very generous un-named person (whose name I will divulge with her permission if she agrees).

Beginning tomorrow I'll have lots of time to myself as hubby is going to visit his daughters and on to Disneyland with them. It's only a few days, he'll be back on Monday. I could have gone, but with the pain of the shoulder I decided not to go as sleeping in hotel beds is a problem for me and could very well exacerbate the problem.

If you're a praying person, please take a minute to visit my friend Alison H's blog
to read about all she's going through and then say a prayer for her. She can use all the prayers she can get in her fight for good health.

Other news here is that it seems we are going to be grandparents again. The due date and all is yet to be determined as mom hasn't seen her doctor yet, but over the counter tests have been positive. More on that when we know. Until then I'll be thinking about what I want to knit for this new little bundle of joy.

Hope 2009 has been kind to you.


At 6:04 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Wow...when you update girl, you update. Firstly, congrats on being a grandma. Thats always exciting.

Sorry to hear about the pain, and not being able to knit etc. Yikes. Does it bother you if you do other things inbetween? Like knit 5 rows, get up throw a load of laundry in, make the bed, read and post on a blog, knit 5 rows etc.

I often do that; cause the carple tunnel and ulnar nerve flare up when I'm on the computer too much, arthritis in the neck etc.

Are you taking anti-inflammatory agents?

Leaving you a HUG, a gentle one so it doesn't hurt, will keep you and your friend in my thoughts.


At 11:56 AM, Blogger AmyS said...

So sorry about your shoulder! I hope you make a speedy recovery and can get back to your knitting soon.


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