Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mountain Colors and Christmas Cactus

This week my mind has been in a few different modes. I'm in search of white Christmas Cactus . . . so far an unsuccessful one. Our local stores have, for the most part, not received their shipments of Christmas Cactus yet. One of the local Save Marts did and I was fortunate enough to find three varieties. Christmas Fantasy, a light salmon color, Purple #4 an as yet unregistered variety and Elise (possibly Thor-Elise). Last week my friend brought me Harmony also. These two are Elise on the left, and Christmas Charm on the right.

I also have an old plant which I'm trying to determine if it is the species Russelliana. Up til recently I didn't know there were so many, and it didn't really matter. But now that my interest has been peaked, I'm curious to know. This old plant fell from a height of about 5-1/2 feet earlier in the fall, when the wind was blowing and a whole shelf took a tumble. It landed bottom side up out of it's pot. It's since been repotted and seems happy enough. It even has some small buds on it. This picture to the right is a single bloom photo that was taken when it was in bloom at Easter of '08. If you are familiar with Schlumbergera species and can tell if it's Russelliana, let me know.

Also on my mind this week was some yarn I bought last summer . . . Mountain Colors Twizzle . . . The story starts out with this woman who lives in my body, and is often drawn to the most expensive things in about any store she enters. In this case, an upscale yarn store in the destination city of a day trip . . . and two colors of Twizzle that followed the woman home. Mind you, they weren't the same color . . . that would make too much sense. So, the lady ended up ordering more yarn on line, and ordering the wrong colors, so she still didn't end up with enough to make anything. So, as it happens these expensive, beautiful yarns have been on this woman's mind . . . what ever would she do with them? Maybe a scarf ala the Noro Stripe scarf on Brooklyn Tweed's blog. Nah, the colors just don't play off one another well enough. Ok, maybe the solution is buy more . . . yep, she did, but it's ok . . . she bought 2 skeins of Twizzle in Raven (black - she hopes). And her husband sat in the same room and didn't have a heart attack when she told him she'd just spent nearly $50 US dollars for them. Of course it helps that he's just had a 16' x 20' shop built in the back yard that is costing an arm and a leg to finish off, with no end in sight any time soon.

Plus the Christmas Cactus are cheap! Colors don't appear to be true on my monitor in this pic, but it's the best I could get. Purple #4 on the left, and another pot of Elise (for my friend) on the right. Sorry, pics of Harmony will have to wait. It's similar in color to Elise, but a bit more red.
My hubby is grumbling and my tummy is rumbling so it must be time to fix dinner.
Happy knitting! Bring home a Christmas Cactus today . . . it will bring a smile to your face.


At 7:44 PM, Blogger Sandy said...

The flowres are beautiful! Anxious to see what you turn that yarn into.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger tatt3r said...

Your schlums are beautiful! I have a Xmas Charm, but all the buds blasted. I thought the description is for purple blooms, but your buds look more pink. I'll have to wait another year for mine to show her true colors.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Happy Thanksgiving

At 8:11 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Popping back in, wondering how you're doing.

At 12:55 AM, Blogger Laura said...

hey there!
you're a winner on the socks and more blog for the mini-mochi!
can you email me and come to the blog and say something?
need your addy!


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