Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween, birthdays and voting!

Did you know I was almost a little witch? Both my parents and my birthday fall within 8 days of one another. They're both gone and have been for many years, but this time of year brings back memories. Dad's birthday was Oct. 27th, mine the 29th and Mom's November 4th. Then of course there was my uncle whose birthday was on Halloween. Birthdays weren't big celebrations in our family, there just wasn't ever enough money to spare to do much. But Mom usually managed to make me a new 'flour sack' dress, or bake a cake. No, I'm not kidding about the flour sack dress. I not only wore and loved them, I got them as hand-me-downs too because I have 3 older sisters. We were also raised with an outhouse, and the only indoor plumbing was cold water in the kitchen. Mind you, I'm not complaining, I believe that the lack of financial excess made us stronger. You'd sooner find me on a soap box complaining about the excesses our young people today have than complaining about my lot in life.

Now, to get back on subject . . . Birthdays . . . hubby and I went out with my friend P who shares the same birthday as me, and her friend P, for a late lunch at a place called Sweet River Grill in the mall in Modesto. The food is really excellent and because we were there mid-day we had fantastic service. Our waiter treated us gals to hot fudge sundaes which the fellows promptly helped us finish off. She gave me the epie Roman Holiday. It gets a lovely large rose red bloom about 8 to 12 inches across. I gave her hand knit fingerless gloves, neck warmer and hat in a faux cable stitch.

My youngest daughter also bought me epies, 4 of them. Unforgettable, which is nearly white in the center, changing to pink with deep magenta outer petals. Just Beautiful which is a light orange with cerise. Vista Sun, a solid yellow with outer petals that can range to amber, and Strawberry Splash, a powder puff pink with a red throat. They arrived today from a nursery in CT, with only minor problems, a stem broke off the Unforgettable. With epies this isn't a big deal, I'll just let it sit for a few days and put it in the pot and it will root just fine. They are really very healthy plants. She said she also ordered me some Ty-Dy sock yarn by Knit 1 Crochet 2, so I still have that to look forward to.

Oldest son and his family recently moved to Brussels, Belgium for his work. He'll be working with a research group there for one to three years. They sent a gift certificate to Amazon dot com and I ordered 3 knitting books. They are the Debbie Macomber knit-a-long "Back on Blossom Street", "Ocean Breezes: Scarves Inspired by the Sea" by Sheryl Thies, and "Shawls and Scarves: The Best of Knitters Magazine" by Nancy Thomas.
Halloween was a non-event at our house. Being diabetic, and having little to no self-control when it comes to sweets, I decided I didn't want any candy in the house so we went out to dinner then did our monthly shopping at Costco.

Hope you are all planning to get out and Vote and let your voices be heard!


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