Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SFTH - On Going Project

A few people have asked if Scarves From The Heart is an ongoing project, and the answer is a definite Yes! We've just added St. Teresa Cancer Center in Stockton, CA to our list of recipients and if the scarves continue to come in at the current rate we should be able to make a donation to one or more of the homeless shelters or missions in the next month or two.

On my needles, scarves; one in purple bamboo in a pattern adapted from a dishcloth pattern called Vineyard. It isn't very far along because ms perfection frogged a whole repeat the other night because the edging should be k3 at both ends and a couple of rows ended with p3. A yellow one in Corntastic yarn in color maize which is a design that's coming straight from my imagination. One that is well over half done in Paton's Decor in manly autumn colors, another of my own pattern creations.

Completed: Neckwarmer, fingerless gloves, and hat for a friend's birthday and also the Mistake Rib scarf in off white Red Heart "Soft".

Still waiting in the wings, dd's Bella Cardigan, the purple scarf in Wool/Llama blend yarn, a pink lace scarf in Sirdar Snuggly.

I've added a couple more epies to my collection, even though I said I wouldn't . . . but they were free! I also received some Begonia cuttings from a fellow in South Carolina which I'm trying to root. Sadly, my cat decided one of them should be liberated from it's pot and removed, not just once, but twice. I've now set it where she can't reach to play with it.

Our oldest son and his family have reached Belgium safely and are residing in a hotel temporarily because no one rents out apartments and houses in the middle of the month. Our 10 year old granddaughter will attend the British school because the international school has no openings in her grade level.

Time to leave to have dinner with friends . . . chat later.


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