Monday, May 05, 2008

A beautiful new pattern on SFTH

One more donation of a scarf pattern has been made to Scarves From The Heart for our knitters to use. It was generously donated by Monika Steinbauer . You can check out her blog by clicking on her name. Monika, thank you so much for generously sharing your time and talents in designing this scarf especially for SFTH. Generally I wouldn't make a scarf with hearts for men, but I don't think this one is too feminine. Let me know what you think!

After she took the photos for the pattern she actually painted this scarf, so go take a look at her blog. As Huell Howser would say "It's Amazing!" Sorry, Monika, it's a family thing . . . my hubby loves to imitate HH, but in all seriousness we love his programs . . . arm chair travel at it's best!

In other news, we attended a research competition our daughter, Darci, was participating in this past weekend at Cal State Hayward, in Hayward, CA. Sadly, she didn't place, but it was still excellent experience for her and everyone felt she did really well. Having said that, however, the judges were not anthropologists and knew little to nothing of what her subject was on, thus the consensus is that the judges tend to choose the winners from subjects they are familiar with.

On our way home we went through Niles Canyon and stopped to enjoy the afternoon browsing there. Ladies, there is a yarn/quilting store there. Color Me Quilts and More. Of course I bought yarn, if we don't support the stores they can't stay in business. She carries a line of very inexpensive yarns I hadn't seen before, Universal Yarn, Inc. and they had a very nice manly colored variegated yarn in acrylic/wool 80/20 blend that I picked up, as well as some 100% bamboo by Yarn Place which is out of Sunnyvale, CA.

The Lacy V scarf is coming along nicely. Here it is pinned to the office chair. I have 8 repeats of each end done now, after having to frog three rows of one end, then losing my place and finally getting back on track with it.

I finished the second skein of Lionbrand's Moonlight Mohair on the other 'in progress' scarf, so I figure half a skein will finish it off. I hope to finish both scarves this week and cast on the yummy bamboo.

The Harmony interchangeable needles I ordered from KnitPicks dot com arrived on Saturday while we were gone. But I have to tell you, that as excited as I was about ordering them it's going to be difficult to get as excited about using them as I am about my single pair of Holz & Stein needles. These are made from left over wood from musical instruments, and the detail in finishing them is just as exquisite as a fine musical instrument. Think I'll go fondle my Holz & Steins.


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