Friday, November 10, 2006

A Box in Today's Mail

Wow! What a wonderful surprise, 9 - yep, I counted them twice, 9 scarves for the project thanks to Dorey E. They're all so soft I just want to fondle them! (Pictures in the near future - no, not me fondling them, just the scarves). When I called Dorey to thank her she said that she, her daughter and her daughter's good friend will be making more and that she will mail them in time for the Dec 15th deadline! My neighbor Bernice P. also gave me 3 the other evening so this brings our total to 17 already! Considering this I think I can safely say that we will easily meet if not double the goal of 25 once again!

Last night I finished the scarf made with Kool Kidz by Sirdar and started a gift scarf which I spent a lot of time frogging because my idea of doing Joan's pattern with this yarn just didn't work out, so I think it's going to end up either a plain diagonal or maybe something with short rows but I have to decide before I go any further or it will be a UFO for months to come because there are several other yarns in my stash that are calling out what they'd like to become. Not to mention the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in the Dusk colorway that arrived night before last. At least it's the yarns in my stash calling to me, not something on the shelf at the LYS. I've kept my distance from the LYS because it's bad enough just going in Big Lots, Jo-Ann's and Beverly's . . . the yarn just seems to grab me like a magnet!

Speaking of magnets . . .those metal (Addi) needles are calling louder than the washing machine that needs to be attended to. Later . . .


At 9:47 PM, Blogger monica said...

I knit a scarf and hat for my daughter in the Sirdar Kool Kidz. She loves it, it is one of her very favorites. Hope you find the right pattern for it.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

I did a basic, knit every row with the Kool Kidz yarn and carried along an eyelash for the first foot or so, it's an eyelash that only has the lash periodically - it turned out really cool.

I have one more ball of the Kool Kidz to play with - a neon pink!


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