Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How Good Does That Feel?

I've finally climbed out of the frog pond and dried off a bit. The sleeves to the Bella sweater are finally coming together. True, this is the first lace pattern I've done, but it's not all that complicated. It seems to me if I can read the pattern I should be able to knit it. Even though I'm knitting both sleeves on one circular needle it shouldn't be so tough. For a pattern that shouldn't be so tough I swear I've made every rookie mistake that could be made. The first mistake was ending up with too few stitches on row 4, that was the first trip to the frog pond, next, I dropped stitches (twice), two more trips to the pond. The second time I decided I'd only re-knit the sleeve with the dropped stitches, but when I got to row 8 where I'd left off on the other sleeve I realized I'd left out the first row! Ugh, it was late, I was tired and I knew I should have chosen a mindless project rather than one of those "I've got to get this right" projects. So, alas, I went to the frog pond one more time - I frogged both sleeves and started fresh. It seems those practice starts were just what I needed because finally with the help of the 3 x 5 card per row method and some concerted concentration I've completed row 16 of the lace pattern. Heck, it only took about 6 or seven tries (I neglected to mention above that the first start was frogged because the post-it marker came off the pattern and I couldn't remember what row I was supposed to be on because I left it sit, alone and completely ignored in a paper bag for weeks).

My mother always said I was stubborn, but she never told me that my stubbornness would pay off with the rich rewards of having such a feeling of accomplishment. (Jumping up and down)

Would someone out there in cyberland please remind me that as a night time knitter I should never again knit an all navy blue sweater. (Sorry Tiff, I promise I'll finish it, but next time I'll choose a lighter color).


At 12:42 PM, Blogger Lynda Lambert said...

Your July package of goodies is on the way to sunny California. You will be very pleased when it arrives I think.

My upstream buddie contacted me and she is sending my package today, too. Can't wait. I love surprises.

I just put a new blog up of a sweater I am working on right now. I mixed two different yarns together to produce the soft orange I wanted. See what you think, even though you don't wear orange yourself. It is sooooo soft, made of marino and cashmere yarns, very thin.


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