Monday, May 29, 2006

Such a wonderful dilemma

All this delightful new yarn and I can't decide what to make next. All life's decisions should be so difficult!

I couldn't help myself, I had to do a swatch with the Noro Airisu. Here are the results. I started with a size 7 needle (the bottom of this swatch) but it made it very stiff and didn't seem like it would be comfortable for a top, so I switched mid-swatch to a size 10 (the recommended needle size) and I like it much better. It's quite easy to work with except when it has a slub on the colored portion. I've been taking the worst of the slub portion off as it isn't shiny and looks out of place. I've almost decided what I want to make with it. It's a T-top pattern by Heartstrings called the 3 to 2 Any Gauge Sweater (pattern #W40) and is available through

I'm dying to try making it. Now to just do it. I've looked through every book I own (that's quite a few) including magazines and I can't find anything I like better, and the best part is that the pattern is made to adjust to whatever gauge and yarn the knitter chooses! I like that, plus I like the style, though I will make it short sleeved rather than either of these two versions (they said it could be done with short sleeves, but didn't offer a picture). It will really dress up a pair of jeans or go with something more dressy just as easily! Do you think I have myself convinced yet?

I also found a pattern in one of the magazines for a purse that I wanted. It's similar to the Sunburst Sling from Two Old Bags. I'm actually thinking of changing it so that the center is slightly off kilter. It will take some playing around, but will be fun to mess with!

Well I'm off to play with the thoughts running through my mind, after all there's no one else to play with!


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Lynda Lambert said...

I had so much fun shopping for the special yarn for you today! I took my friend Myrna along. She is a painter. So, you had two artists making the selection of what would be just right for a California lady. I can't wait to get this wrapped up and in the mail to you so you can see what we came up with today. Such a Wonderful Dilemma we had in the wonderful local yarn shop. Your surprise package will be on it's way to you very soon.


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