Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Color, Color, Color

This is the scarf I'm currently toting where ever I go . . . It's Interlacements Peru, a hand dyed 50% Superfine Alpaca, 50% wool in colorway #218. I love the intensity of the colors in this yarn, and like the way it's knitting up even more than I liked it in the skein in the store. The pattern is the I-Cord Snake Scarf from Jane Davis' book "Knit
Ponchos Wraps & Scarves". It's got a long way to go before it will be finished but I suspect it will get finished quickly as watching the colors play out makes it difficult to put down. I'll be taking it to the Stockton Ports game tomorrow evening. I've found knitting makes the game go faster . . . for me at least, though I doubt it affects the way others perceive it. I got lots of questions about the sweater that I took to work on the last game. This is one of the yarns I bought with the $ I was gifted by two of our daughters for our 20th anniversary.

I've heard from my One Skein Secret Pal. She's from New York, and likes basic things, so I'm thinking about the yarns that she might like. I'm thinking maybe a nice wool because she said she is a cold weather person. I'll be making a visit to the LYS soon to see what they have that has her name on it. Mmmmm, I wonder what their stock of wools will be this time of year?

Yesterday brought yet another Mother's Day gift from dd#1 and her family, a wonderful Harry & David gift basket containing some really yummy Lemondrop cookies, a tin of Cherry Vanilla tea, a beautiful sunny yellow mug, honey sticks, some candies, and a gorgeous striped tea towel all nestled in a basket that will come in handy for my many knitting projects.

I'm struggling with the lace pattern of the sleeves of the Bella cardigan. It seems I do most of my knitting late at night, and it's not working well because I can't count and watch tv, or maybe it's just that I'm tired. So I'm going to have to set aside some "day time" hours to work on it. That's easier said than done!

Back to the scarf . . .


At 4:51 PM, Blogger Lynda Lambert said...

I love these luscious colors - so juicy and rich and there is nothing like working with a nice Alpaca yarn, right? Beautiful scarf!


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