Friday, May 12, 2006

Making progress

The Fisherman's Shrug from Knit It! is now put together and has about two of the four inches of ribbing around the body. I should finish it over the weekend, but with Mother's Day in there it may take a bit longer.

I've finished the body of the Bella Cardigan from and have a couple rows of the sleeves done. The sleeves are lace and thus require my full attention.

Mother's Day will be nice. Along with several family members we'll take my mother-in-law and father-in-law to a quiet little place that mom likes. Due to dementia that has become more advanced over the past year she does best in that type environments. She'll enjoy it at the time but may not remember it the next day, so we will be content to see the light in her eyes during the moment.

I'm excited about the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange that I've joined. The secret pal that I'll be sending to is from New York. I've emailed her but haven't received a reply yet. I'm anxious to hear from her so I can start deciding what to send her!

I've heard from the pal who got my name and we're striking up quite a bit of conversation! She seems like a very interesting person, and one who I'd quickly become friends with if we lived close. I can hardly wait to see what she'll choose for me. June can't come too soon.

The weather here has quickly become more summer than spring. This week has seen two days in the mid to upper 90° range. It seems it was winter just a week or so ago.

The knitting needles are calling . . .

May the love you put into your knitting be felt ten fold by the recipient.


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