Monday, April 24, 2006

One UFO down, a few more to go . . .

I'm so excited to have this blanket done. It started out to be a baby blanket, but I've renamed it the "Mommy & Me" blanket because of it's size. I hope to deliver it to the intended recipient this week! It ended up being about 55 x 60 inches. I hope never to use that yarn again. It's beautiful and soft but a real pain to work with.

Finally I can go back to working on the Fisherman's Shrug . . . which I'm almost afraid of. I've decided the reason I've been avoiding it is because when you pair a pattern with a lot of errors and an inexperienced knitter it's likely you'll end up with a less than ideal finished product. But, I've decided in spite of this that I will bite the bullet and do my best on it and hope it comes out nice enough to send to my daughter!

What I'd really like to be working on is an idea for a purse that I've got in my head. Actually I've got a few notes on paper because I want even more to finish the list of UFO's. S0, with that being said, I'm going back to my knitting . . . Take care!


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