Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm knitting as fast as I can . . .

Today finally felt like spring had arrived. I love this time of year, when all the trees are budding, flowers blooming, and what was barren is now showing new growth. Flowers have been blooming for a while here in Northern California but there has been an over abundance of rain that kept temperatures down and rivers high!

Today we cheered on our great nephew at a little league game. They lost, but it was clear they enjoyed the game and enjoyed the comaraderie . It's good to see these youngsters (about ages 7 to 9) learning the basics of the sport while enjoying their friends.

On the needles; I'm still muddling my way through the errors in the Fisherman's Shrug from Knit It. Even with the corrections published on the Lionbrand site I find it's not accurate. I usually don't have a problem knitting to gauge, but on the fronts I had to use the size 15 needle to get gauge. The back and both front pieces are done and I'm about half way on the sleeves, doing two at a time.

I'm also working on a baby blanket. The same one I started during my trip to Wisconsin. Today I bought the final skein of yarn I need to finish it and hope to have it done by early next week.

In the "I've got to finish this" basket is the Bella sweater from Knitty, two scarves from Plymouth's Africa, and a couple of evening bags. I'm trying to finish these things so that I can finally get to work with some of the really yummy yarn I bought with $$$ from my daughters for our 20th anniversary. This picture really doesn't do the yarn justice. The colors in the top yarn are very intense but I just couldn't get them to show up. That's Showstopper by Ironstone Yarns which I'm sure will end up being a scarf. The purple skein and the navy are Print 127 by Filatura Di Crossa, and will most likely end up as a purse with the main part done in navy and the trim in purple. On the right is Katia's Mexico which hasn't told me what it wants to be, and at the lower center and left is a large hank of hand dyed Peru by Interlacements which will be made into one of the I-cord scarves from the book "Knit Ponchos, Wraps & Scarves" by Jane Davis.

Life seems finally to have slowed down for me. I'm ready for a slower pace for a while! After returning from our last trip I found a swelling at the top of each leg, where the leg meets the torso (for lack of a better description) that worried me, but it turns out the swellings are nothing more than "fatty tumors". Who in the world wants any more fat on their body, not me that's for sure. The good news is that they are never malignant and they don't require removal unless they cause problems with the surrounding muscle tissue. The bad news is, that they will grow, and they're in a location where it is likely they will cause a problem. But, no sweat, until they do that's just a couple of ounces of fat that I am not in control of!

Remember . . . Life is too short to knit ugly things!


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