Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sitting in the dark . . .

It's 5:15am, the click, click of my keyboard and the clocks are the only sound in our house. The sun hasn't even peeked over the horizon. The ring of the phone at night seems always to bring only bad news, as it did last night.

My sister called to say her latest test results show the cancer is back. We'd planned to meet on a wonderful trip to Wisconsin in late April. We haven't seen each other in over 46 years, after having been separated when our father died suddenly. She was taken, by my step-mother, from Michigan where we lived, to her home state of Maryland to be raised. I didn't stay in touch with my step-mother thus lost touch with my sister until a few years ago.

Living on opposite sides of the country was only one of the difficulties in arranging a meeting. But after a couple of bouts with cancer, it became more and more important.

Our plan was to visit my brother together. Now, this has all changed, as by late April she'll be receiving chemo treatments again to fight this terrible monster that keeps invading her body.

This really isn't just about me and a pity-party. To be fully honest, it is a pity-party, but not about or for me. More important than my feelings are my sister's. We lost one brother who had chosen to separate himself from the family, and now any chance of meeting him as an adult is gone. She also lost the sister who she was raised with of a heart attack suddenly last year. My sister's wish is to meet all her siblings . . . I'm the only one she hasn't met.

It's important to me to make this wish a reality. I pray that God will allow the many pieces of the puzzle to fall into place so that it will come to be. I want our meeting to happen in this life, and again in the hereafter.

Father, your will be done.


At 1:23 AM, Blogger celia said...

Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I hope your visit goes well. God bless..


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