Monday, October 10, 2005

It's a girl!

Max had a real surprise for us when we went to the vet for shots! He is not a he, but a she! We haven't changed her name because she answers to it, so it's short for Max-a-Millianna I guess!

Knitting has been taking a back seat lately because it seems there's always this little black and white furmonster that wants to play with the yarn! I've gotten a few things done, increasing the size of my stash seems to have received the most attention! But then, I don't take Max to the yarn stores.

These are some of the scarves I've finished. The three on the left in the picture to the left were for made for two of our daughters, as is the blue one in the next photo. I've picked up some beautiful wool yarns that I plan to make felted purses from, and also a skein of recycled sari silk. Today at Michaels I picked up a few skeins for scarves. Seems like many of the women I know who knit are trying to de-stash and I just keep finding more yarn I can't live without. I'm also adding to my collection of needles! I've found circulars are my favorite. I got a really good buy on ebay on some addi-turbo's. 3 pair, shipping and insurance for $29.00. I've never used Addi's before but I hear they're great and I can't wait to try them. Straight ones work ok for holding stitches when I go back to fix an error or if I need a pair of needles for another project I often move the stitches off onto a straight needle, but for knitting they are not my needle of choice.


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